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How to Learn Graphic Design at Home

 Hey welcome back to the channel guys I hopeyou're all doing well I know this is kind of a tough time for everyone around the worldand a lot of people are at home, I've got this mess of a set up behind me all these monitorsif you look closely I've got a windows laptop that I switch between a mac laptop and I'mjust trying to work on all these different screens and still create content for Pacersgaming the YouTube channel and the esports team that I work for. now I wanted to createa video because I know everyone's got a lot of time at home and whether or not you arein school out of school wanna learn graphic design or just interested in getting to knowmore about it I thought I'd create and compile a list of resources for you guys to get startedwith graphic design learning at home so first off if you don't even know this is pixel and bracket YouTube channel I create a ton of videos around learning graphic design especiallytutorials, whether it's illustrator Photoshop premiere after effects any of the adobe programsso you can check this channel out for plenty of videos on all of those creative programsand I also, if you don't know, if you're already subbed then you can already know this, but youdon't know I do have two free courses over on skillshare one about Photoshop and oneabout the illustrator these are like what I would teach for any beginner that wantsto learn illustrator learn Photoshop and hasn't ever even touch the program and it's alsoeverything that I would recommend to a seasoned designer if they don't already know so thoseare free you can sign up with just an email but I've got something even better if youguys go to the link in the description I can get you two free months of skillshare premiumso even if it's not graphic design which there are tons of other premium courses on skillsharethat you can watch and learn from there are also all sorts of online learning opportunitiesover on skillshare now this video isn't sponsored but because I'm a teacher on skills here Ican offer that link I get a referral so you guys can help this channel out and you guysget two free months of all premium courses on skillshare.Which is pretty awesome no matter what you want to learn with your time here at homeso that's enough about me what I would recommend you start out with is there's a play listI created called well it's called learning graphic design but it's got videos from G.C. F. learn free dot org and that's a you tube channel has a ton of great resourcesfor educational things it's not just a graphic design but they have some amazing graphicdesign videos that they've created over there and I put them in a play list I think youshould watch every single second of those videos there's an intro to design there'scolor typography branding all sorts of things layout and composition I think is one of thebest videos they even have that tweet tends to the top of the pixel bracket Twitter regardlessthat's a great playlist a link that in the description as with anything else in thisvideo another site that has an article for twenty free graphic design resources for learningdesign is creative blow. created blow is a great website in general you can go overthere and find all sorts of things but this article that I linked has twenty differentresources for learning more of like the hard skills and the lingo and terminology of designand typography as well as maybe just creating a poster, creating a brochure, or anything likethat. and as you're diving into the skill sets of graphic design, if you want to freelance, oryou want to learn more about the business side of design and how to create potentiallyportfolio how to charge clients how to learn more about how to interact in those sortof one on one situations where you're emailing potential clients or you're trying to lookfor people to do design work for, I would recommend the futur. it's a great channel over therewith Chris Do and the crew, they are creating an amazing library of content that is superhelpful all about the business of design. and they also have I think have the futur academywhich is even more tutorial focused stuff so tons of great content over there I'll link thatYouTube channel in the description. highly highly recommend itespecially if you're already a designer and you're just looking to get some more freelancework or for ways that you can essentially monetize this career path that you've chosen.and then lastly on the practical side of things one of my biggest recommendations is thatyou guys go out there, if you want to learn design, you're like "I I can take all these totutorials but I don't feel like I'm really learning how to do things", what I would recommendis find work that that inspires you that you think is really great and you're like,man I wish I could make something like that... and what I would do is try to copy that exactly.learn the spacing between the letters, learn the layout, the hierarchy of all the elements,how that black and white image really pops, maybe it's adding some morecontrast, maybe is adding a little bit more detail to it through an unsharp mask orsome kind of sharpening. I would look at work that you're inspired by and literallytry to go recreate it. if you're looking for assets for design like photography or if you aredoing video work even some video resources, I would recommend I think Pexels and, I'll link those below as well lots of stuff in the description in this video youguys... so you can pull images copyright free from there, but actually it doesn't reallyeven matter in this case because what I'm telling you to do is to create this stuffbut not necessarily promote it or publish it or put in your portfolio. you're literally justcreating something, copying the work of people that inspire you, other designers that inspire you,other work from brands or anything that you really enjoy, and want to learn how to geton to that level... literally copy it. you're gonna learn so much from it, whetheryou're working in Photoshop, whether you're working in illustrator, all the different techniquesthat you're gonna figure out on how to create those designs are gonna really really reallyhelp you when you're trying to create work for your portfolio. and speaking of your portfolioif you're wanting to build up, whether it's an online digital portfoliowhich I would recommend anyway or something that you're gonna print out and and takento a job interview... create work for that portfolio that is what you want to do. there's all sortsof design out there in the world there's all sorts of types, styles, everything. create workthat you want to do and then take that to companies that you want to work for. and whatI would recommend in that work is that you try to make it as practical as possible soif it's not real client work if it's not even student work if you're creating these projectson your own like just creating a sample brochure I would find a brochure find a flyer finda piece of design a business card anything out there and pull all of those elements fromit and make sure you include them all into your sample work that you're putting intoyour portfolio. that'll make it look even more real, don't just try to come up with the informationin your head on your own because you're gonna miss out on some elements that make it looklike student work, look like just sort of sample mock up designs. you're gonna want toinclude everything that you find even the fine print the little details put it intothat sort of spec/mock-up work and that is going to make it look a lot better and then createthat portfolio of work of three to five really strong pieces of design put them in a placethat's easy for people to find so whether it's behance or you have your own websiteor you just upload them to maybe even Instagram just to show off your gallery of I guess yourportfolio make it easy send that link to the people recognize cover letter have a goodresume if you're looking for work after this is all over or if you're already if you watchit's video three years later and you know there is no pandemic anymore go through allof these resources I hope they really help you out, create your portfolio, work on yourskills, and you're going to learn a lot more about graphic design very very quickly. I hope this video helps you guys out I don't know if I rambled ontoo much we can find out in the edit but I'm Spencer from pixel and bracket I hope youguys stay safe while you're all kind of bunker down, we're all quarantined at home... and ofcourse have a great day I'll see you guys next time.