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How to Win Ludo King every time|Cheat Ludo king|Tips&Tricks

how to Win Ludo King every time|Cheat Ludo king|Tips&Tricks
How to Win Ludo King every time|Cheat Ludo king: - Hi friends, today I have to give you information about the Ludo King game. Those who like to love people a lot. But it is not necessary to play to win every time. But today we are going to tell you about tips and tricks. So you can use them when you are playing Ludo King it increases your chances to win more often. The game is so well-known that downloads exceed 6 million. you can play on both os android and ios.
The app is available on desktop, iOS, and Android which gives it a wide appeal. As a desktop player, people working on PPT can play with someone who is cooking in the kitchen and playing games on their smartphone. As it supports an offline mode, your family can still gather after dinner and play a quick game of Ludo without the stress of finding the missing piece of your physical board game.

About Ludo King Game

Ludo King game is the most popular and famous game yet. Because before they play the game on the board that buys a market. Children like it very much. It is the best indoor game for children. The first two to four people playing the game together. But Ludo King can play two to six people in a mobile game. You can change yourself with game colors, design of soldiers, and boards. This game can also be played alone. In the absence of opponents you can still play online computers. Through the Ludo King game you can spend your free time well. This game takes you to both Android and iOS devices. A snake ladder game with Ludo is available in this application. You can also enjoy it. There are four modes in this game.
  1. Computer Mode
  2. Local Multiplayer Mode
  3. Online Multiplayer Mode
  4. Play With Friends Mode

Different Modes Of Ludo King Game

In computer mode, you play the game alone with the computer. Similarly, the local multiplayer mode allows you to live alone but in this game two or computer players are presented. This player can be found 6. In this mode, you can play with a team of two people. The online multiplayer mode lets you play with the player joining the device. The best mode game of Ludo King plays with friends. Which we liked very much. In this mode, you play with your own friends. It has room for two. Create a room and join the room. If you click to create a room, in which you get a room code of 8 dots. This room codeshares that those friends. That you play the game. You give the room code to that friend, write to the joining room. Then the play option comes at the bottom of your screen. And you can enjoy the game with your friends by clicking Play. The app Snake Ladder presents the same model available on the game.

Most winning color in Ludo King
how to Win Ludo King every time|Cheat Ludo king|Tips&Tricks

Most blue color soldiers are won in Ludo King game. So we should always take a blue-colored soldier. Nearly blue soldiers have won 90 percent for other colored soldiers. Then the soldier has more chances to win in green. Then there are chances to win Red's Soldier and finally Soldier Yellow. So we should always be Soldier Blue or Green. So we can win your opponents easily. Because these colors come in large numbers on most dice. That you will be ahead of your opponents and you will be able to win it.

Run soldiers serial voice

Now we will tell you how the soldier should move against his opponents. So that you can win over your opponents. First, you have to wait for the solder to come out. Then when your solder comes out, you will carry it forward. And continue to increase until 6 comes again. when you got 6 again, out your new goti and take that goti to the previous goti. And move the solder in such a way that the solder stays around. If your 6 arrives in the meantime, take out the next solder and bring it to the previous solder. While doing so, keep all soldiers with each other. If you tell your soldiers to move in the same way, the chances of winning the game increase. Because keeping the Soldiers nearby, the dice points become larger. So that you will win the Ludo King game.

Most putting six in dice

We are going to tell you the best way in which dice will you get the most number 6. This is almost as if they were raising the Soldier serial voice. Just you are in your Soldiers to keep up with each other as there are rules in the Ludo King game, as he will never release what a second Soldier should get in the same color, as long as the Soldier is in a safe area. I did not reach. Therefore, it shows that if the solvers are in close proximity the dice of the smaller points will be on top of each other, which is against the rules of the Ludo King. So if he tops each other's 1,2,3,4 numbers, there will always be numbers in dice of 5 or 6. Therefore, to keep Soldiers close to each other, it becomes more likely to get 6 points and you have easily won the game.

There are three ways in which we show you.  if you play the game in these three ways, you can definitely win the game. Also, if you think of ways you can find the desired number, there is no way. If you do not waste your time, there is no way to do this. I am sure you will understand the post "Ludo King Tips and Tricks to Win". If you know how to follow the rules, you can beat your opponents. Some people believe that the dice fall in numbers. So they stop two seconds before fused drops take too long to run 1 or 2 and four seconds 3 or 4 and six seconds stay 5 or 6. Because the game "Ludo King" is no such rule. If you are away from such practices.

7+ Tips and Tricks to Win Ludo King every time

  1. At the beginning of the game always focus on taking all the pieces ready to go home.
  2. Move at least 2 pieces from the start because many times we shake just one piece from the beginning and try to make it home but we fail or get killed by the opponents and get frustrated.
  3. Always be in a safe place also known as the start spot and let the opponents pass you so that you can attack it after passing.
  4. The strategies are such that cover 2 pieces towards the house and 2 pieces of opponents.
  5. Try to catch your opponent to increase your chances of winning because your opponent loses hope after failing to reach home again and again.
  6. Always risk / hang to overtake the opponent's piece.
  7. There is no hack to get 6 and this game is about strategy, so the strategy is good.
  8. The golden tip is always to partner someone with someone to go forward