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How To Join National Defence Academy

How To Join National Defense Academy: The National Defense Academy (NDA) is the joint service academy of the Indian Armed Forces, where all three service, army, navy, and air force cadets train together before going on pre-commission training in their respective services. Academies. NDA is situated at Khadakwasla near Pune, Maharashtra.
How To Join National Defence Academy
How To Join National Defence Academy 

How to join national defense academy NDA

In the process of joining the National Defense Academy, the candidate must appear in the entrance examination that is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, normally in the months of March and August. Candidates must be unmarried men. To join NDA, one should be in SSB, Medical, and then merit list.

Eligibility Criteria
Age between
16 ½ to 19½ years as of the first day of the month 
12th Class of 10+2 System of Education/Equivalent for Army and with Physics and Maths for AF/Navy
Marital Status
Must be Single(unmarried)
Application to be Received by
As per  UPSC notification
Likely SSB Date
Sep to Oct and Jan to Apr
Date Commencement of Training
Jan and Jul
Training Academy
NDA, Khadakwasla, Pune
Duration of Training
3 Yrs at NDA and 1 Yrs at IMA(For Army cadets)/
 3 Yrs at NDA and 1 Yrs at Naval Academy( for Naval cadets)/
3 Yrs at NDA and 1 & 1/2 Yrs at AFA Hyderabad (For AF cadets)
How To Join National Defence Academy

Written test Schema

The written examination consists of 2 papers first of mathematics (300) and second of general ability test (600 = 200 + 400). The maths paper has 11th and 12th-grade maths subjects while the second paper has English (200) and GK (400) as it is part A and part B.

Paper I Mathematics

Topics are algebra, mother tongue and determinants, trigonometry, analytical geometry of two and three dimensions, differential computation, integral calculus and differential equations, vector algebra, statistics, and probability.

Paper-II General Aptitude Test

Part A - English: - The question paper in English will be designed to test the candidates' understanding of English and the similar use of words work. The course covers various aspects such as grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension, and harmonization in extended text to test a candidate's proficiency in English.
Part B - General Knowledge: - The question paper of General Knowledge will deeply cover subjects like Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Social Studies, Geography, and Current Events.

Service selection board

Candidates who have been declared successful in writing by UPSC, present themselves before AFSB or SSB as per their choice of service, a 2 stage test is conducted here. Stage 1 is conducted on day 1 and candidates who clarify stage 1 are further tested in stage 2. For SSB details, the procedure follows www.ssbcrack.comarticles on the SSB process.

medical exam

A candidate recommended by the Service Selection Board undergoes a medical examination by the Medical Services Officers. Only whom candidates are can admit to the academy who declared their fitness successfully by the Medical Board. However, candidates who are disqualified are informed by the Chairman of the Medical Board and the process of request for the Appeal Medical Board is also communicated to the candidate. Candidates who are disqualified during the Appeal Medical Board are informed of the provision of the Review Medical Board.
The final qualification is released according to the vacancies available in the list. And candidates who make it to the prestigious academy.