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How to delete A Facebook account permanently

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Nowadays Facebook does not secure anymore about your privacy. Facebook leaks many users data in few times and people,s are more mature about there personal data in this age so they are now deleting their account and the other reason to delete their account is people spend there lot of time on Facebook. but delete or deactivate your Facebook account is a very complicated procedure. So we are here to guide you on how to delete a Facebook account permanently in an easy way.

First of all, you have to know the difference between deleting and deactivating your Facebook account-

Important things if you decide to delete your Facebook account-
how to delete fb account permanently,delete fb account,HOW TO DELETE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY

  • If you want to delete Facebook account your deletion process may take a few days if you log in to your account during the deletion process your deletion will be canceled.
  • it takes 90 days to delete your data from the backup system of Facebook.
  • You can,t access your account once you delete your account.
Deleting your Facebook account is permanently but there is another cool alternative is deactivate your Facebook account.

Important Things You Should Know Before Deletion
  • if you deactivate your account people can,t see your profile and search you.
  • some info will be shown like the massages you have sent.
  • Facebook will store your data as a backup on their servers in case you reactivate your account.
Remember if you have privacy problem there are some ways to stop tracking you on Facebook. Lastly I will tell you about those options.

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Before deleting your Facebook account-

  1. Backup your data before deleting the Facebook account or copy it.
  2. Revoke all app permissions to avoid future problems.
  3. delete the Facebook app from your device.
  4. Drop a message or story to tell people,s about your departure.
Now, if you have decided to delete the Facebook account and do all the important things click that following link and select the delete option. Click here

As I say before deleting your account you must download data by click on the "Download info" first option. after clicking your download will start to keep your data on a safe palace.


To complete the deactivating procedure you have to click on the following given link. Click here to deactivate. And then select deactivate options and follow the steps.

"Don't be foolish in deactivation request. Deactivation is not deletion."

To reactivate your account you have to do simply login to your account and your account will be reactivated.

HOW TO DELETE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY ,how to stop facebook to tracking

You can disconnect the data from your Facebook account by clicking on the Clear History options button at the top of the page. by doing this you will be automatically logged out of any app where you have logged in through Facebook account.
if you will again be logged in through Facebook account it will again send and collect your information to I recommend you logged into these accounts through email.
How to switch off-Facebook activity for all apps and websites:I recommend you to do switching off your future off-Facebook activity for all apps and websites if you have a privacy issue.
You can do this by going to Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity > More Options > Manage Future Activity > Manage Future Activity, then turn off activity.
it may take 48hr to change the settings to off your Facebook activity should check it after a few days later.

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Video Link: How to delete Facebook

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